Oregon Truffles

Oregon Truffles:

  • have their own unique aromas and cooking properties.

  • are currently less expensive than European truffles.

  • occur naturally on timber plantations and are now being propagated.

There are many types of truffles and truffle-like fungi found throughout the world that are highly regarded as gourmet treats. Oregon truffles are different than the European species and have different characteristics. Oregon truffles are soft truffles. 

There are many different species of Oregon Truffles available in varying quantities depending on the weather prior to truffle season. Gourmet Oregon Truffles are generally divided into two categories: Oregon White Truffles, members of the genus Tuber; and Oregon Black Truffles, members of the genus Leucangium (which also includes the Oregon Brown Truffle). There are several species of each genus that are commonly marketed under the generic Oregon Black Truffle and Oregon White Truffles. For a short explanation of the most commonly available truffles (if a truffle can be called common) from the Pacific Northwest, visit these pages:

For More Information

For tips on cooking with Oregon White Truffles and Oregon Black Truffles, visit our Truffles in the Kitchen pages. Check out the Books About Mushrooms and Truffles selection of "must read" books about cooking and collecting truffles and mushrooms.

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